Goucher College

Baltimore, Maryland USA
70,000 SF

Goucher College's new 192-bed residence hall is a phase one project in the campus master plan. The 70,000- square-foot building occupies a prominent site adjacent to the future phase two Athenaeum/Library, helping to define a new axial quadrangle space for the campus and a forward-looking image for the school.

The three-story facility is comprised of two different living unit types – a four-bed apartment and a four-bed suit. These new unit types provided needed room variety to the residential life program. The building was designed with double-loaded corridors in a "T"-shaped configuration. The student apartments are located in one bar of the "T" and the student suites in the other. A common social lounge is located on each floor at the intersection of the two bars.

Two faculty apartments are provided in the design as well as a large social lounge, classroom, fitness room and laundry lounge. These program components respond to Goucher's living-learning initiative. The classroom is used as a campus-wide co-curricular teaching space. The Design Team integrated environmental and sustainable strategies in the building, fulfilling the College's goal and school mandate.

The Architects designed a modern building, using traditional materials and elements in new ways that fit seamlessly into Goucher College's 125 year old campus."

Copyright and photography – RMJM/Hillier Architecture.